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This account is under new management.

2010-12-02 20:23:43 by schoolmike

So the original owner of this account decided to give away his password in the previous newspost, and I decided to take it over. No worries though, it's in good hands. I don't intend to do anything with it.

For those who don't know, this account used to belong to a guy who made threads whining about not being able to watch South Park because his mom blocked it, or something, and getting on everyone's nerves with his incessant whining, which you can see below (in order from most recent to the most distant past)

1. South park is still blocked! :(
2. I can't watch SP on Vacation!!!
3. I'm now seeing characters from SP.
4. I might die on December 20th 2010.
5. My mother blocked South Park!!!

His previous newsposts also contain more of the same thing. One even got to 160 comments, though a lot of that was spam.

I have cleared the block lists (both PM and commenting) and have disabled commenting on all the newsposts except this one, so if you were blocked by him, well, now you're not! I'll allow commenting on this post for now.

Anyway, this account will remain, for the most part, inactive as I don't intend to do anything with it.

ALSO READ THIS: He also apparently went spamming peoples pages and sent a few spam PM's shortly before he gave this account away. I have not commented on anyone's page nor have I spammed anyone via PM since I took over this account, so if you see a comment on your page, or s spammy South Park-related PM, it didn't come from me, but from the original owner.

but anyway, have a nice day Newgrounds.

P.S. To the original owner: I sent you a message to the e-mail address listed in your account information, so if you need to contact me, you can just reply to that message.

I'm going to die now!

2010-12-02 19:19:35 by schoolmike

You know what people nobody is helping me get my south park back so I'm going to give you guys my password so you assholes can hack it okay I'm done I'm going to die now I NEVER GETTING MY SOUTH PARK BACK!

My password is wonderpet1

Edit: not anymore it isn't

btw, for the original owner of the account, if you decide not to die after all, let me know and i'll give your account back if you so desire. i'll figure out some way for you to contact me.

I want my South Park!

2010-09-02 14:02:42 by schoolmike

Give me my South Park! I want my South Parkie!!!!! HELP!!! I'm 15 years old and I want South Park back!!! Or I will die on December 20th 2010!

I want my South Park!

No South Park on Vacaton!

2010-08-02 17:42:34 by schoolmike

Now I can't watch South Park on Vacation!!!!!!! Its so unfair! First home then Vacation what's next?!??!

I saw South Park characters!

2010-08-01 12:56:39 by schoolmike

I saw Eric Cartman and lots of South Park characters flying all around my room! Anyway please help me I want to watch South Park ever since my mom blocked it help me! She also blocked all the south Park websites!

I'm going to die on December 20th 2010 Due to Lack of South Park!

2010-07-30 15:07:12 by schoolmike

My mom is still preventing me from watching South Park since May and if I don't get to watch South Park I will die on December 20th 2010 due to lack of South Park! :(

I'm going to die! I want my South Park!

2010-05-30 11:17:13 by schoolmike

I didn't watched South park in a long time and I think I am going to die in a few months if my doesn't unblock it! If I die then goodbye my friends we had good times.


2009-06-23 23:59:27 by schoolmike

There is no news right now.